Digital Denture our Workflow

3D Printing & Milling

Our workflow includes 6 variants to start with digital dentures.

1. Mandibular Model, Maxillary Model, Wax Rim

2. Mandibular Model or Maxillary Model, Antagonist Model, Wax Rim

3. Impression whit the Wax Rim, Antagonist Model

4. Mandibular Impression,Maxillary  Impresion In Occlusion

5. Mandibular Intraoral Scan and an additional scan of the old denture.
Maxillary Intraoral Scan and, if need it an additional scan of the old denture plus denture in occlusion

6.The most popular one, is the use of Centric Tray Record Intraoral maxillary mandibular scan , and a face app ( IvoSmile/Bellus 3D)

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