We are Constantin Petric Dental Studio


We are dedicated to quality and precision; we always want our prosthetics to provide the best function and aesthetics and give back smiles.

We are a dedicated team of professionals our number one priority is to achieve excellence in digital dentistry and analogical.

We use the latest technology and machines, and we integrate the augmented technology in our workflow ( IvoSmile app, computer-generated perceptual information that resides in the real world).
We are also at the edge of guided surgery providing the option of manufacturing – surgical guides/bone reduction guide/ and immediate prosthetics for full arch rehabilitation.



Edward K. Brown Jr. DDS,DMSc Attending Dentist Cambridge Health

Constantin Petric is truly amazing he is the best ceramist and digital dentistry specialist that I have very been exposed to.
I use him for all my cases from the most difficult to the easiest the results are the same. His technical skill is unmatched.
He is the only lab I know that can match a signal central incisor to perfection because utilizes e-LAB procedure.
As a prosthodontist, I expect only superior work and he has never disappointed me because he is willing to get it right. He does all of my surgical guides fully digital and the full arch restorations.
He is really at the cutting edge and that’s why he is a consultant to top implant and material companies like Ivoclar Vivadent and 3 Shape.
Most dentists take their lab technician for granted by I am truly lucky to know him.

Edward K. Brown Jr. DDS,DMSc Attending Dentist Cambridge Health

Brown prosthodontics

Levine Family Dentistry

Our office highly recommends Constantin Petric Dental Studio. Communication is easy and efficient. The flow with sending and receiving cases is excellent. And the final result of our cases is higher than expected. You will be happy working with them.

Levine Family Dentistry
Dr. Fernanda Levine DDS, FAGD



Constantin Petric Dental Studio Lab is our most trusted dental lab for all of our dental work. They are extremely reliable and deliver exceptional products. They are always available for questions and input, and also send our cases in a timely manner. With complete competence in digital dentistry and knowledge on computer guided dental implant surgery they have become our number one partner in the digital flow of our treatment plans. Thank you Constantin!”

Dr Armin Abron DDS