Intraoral Scans

How to send us a digital impression

Constantin Petric Dental Studio accepts files from all major scanning systems making the transition to digital dentistry easy for your practice. If you have any questions or need more information, please call contact us.
View instructions for the following scanners:

Dentists should be registered with a 3Shape Communicate account when the scanner is installed. If Constantin Petric Dental Studio is not already pre-installed on the list of available labs, send a Connection Request from the Communicate account to Constantin Petric Dental Studio.

A) After selecting the patient name, press the New Session B) The lab list will appear. Select Constantin Petric Dental Studio C) Complete the order form information. In the Comments, specify specific materials and if the case is model-less.      D) Complete the scanning process and press the Send Order envelope icon.
E) On the Send Order screen, verify the case information and scans, and then press Send Order.


Doctors with Carestream CS Scanners can send digital impressions to Constantin Petric Dental Studio through CSCONNECT or directly to e-mail.

Complete the intraoral scan and open the patient’s case in the DIS software.
This software can operate in standalone mode or through Practice works.
Through the file button, in the upper right corner of the patient history window, select history opens by clicking the book icon.
After highlighting the 3DIO folder, click the Send to button located toward the lower right corner of the window. The STL files will now be saved to the desktop.
To submit to Constantin Pertic Dental Studio using CSCONNECT:
A) After highlighting the appropriate 3DIO File from step 3, click the CS connect button. The web portal will open to the login screen.
B) Log into CS Connect.
C) From the drop-down menu, select Constantin Petric Dental Studio
D) Attach files by clicking Browse and selecting the .dcm file from the patient’s folder; then click Open.
E) Add any pertinent information regarding the case to the comment box.
F) Accept the terms and conditions by checking the box and click Submit.

Ask your laboratory which file type(s) they prefer. Click
the case in the Patient’s Case Files list, then 3D model
A) Navigate to the desired destination folder. It is
recommended to create a new folder on the desktop to
easily find the files later.
B) Select the file type: STL, PLY (PlanCAD), or 3oxz (3Shape)
C)  Click Export.
D)  A message appears “Use an algorithm to fill holes in the
model?” If the model is going to be printed, click Yes. For
all other cases, click No unless requested by the lab.
E) Upload to our lab portal Quick Links

A) Add Constantin Petric Dental Studio by calling iTero Support 800-577-8767.
B) Start a new Rx, and after entering patient name and case type, select Constantin Petric Dental Studio from the Ship To menu.
C) If model-less, specify in the notes.
D) After scanning, press the Envelope icon, add a signature, and press Confirm & Send

The Import Mesh feature allows the user to use a mesh data stored in the local PC instead of scanning the same again. The user can also export scan data by usingthe Export Mesh feature. (supported file formats: STL, OBJ)
Upload to our lab portal Quick Links

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Edward K. Brown Jr. DDS,DMSc Attending Dentist Cambridge Health

Constantin Petric is truly amazing he is the best ceramist and digital dentistry specialist that I have very been exposed to. I use him for all my case from the most difficult to the easy the results are the same. His technical skill is unmatched. He is the only lab the I know that can match a signal central incisor to perfection because utilizes E-Lab techniques. As a prosthodontist I expect only superior work and he has never disappointed because he is willing to get it right. He does all of my surgical guides to my fully digital full arch restorations he is really at the cutting edge and that’s why he is an consultant to top implant and material companies. Most dentist take their lab technician for granted by I am truly lucky to know him.

Edward K. Brown Jr. DDS,DMSc
Attending Dentist
Cambridge Health Alliance
Harvard Medical School Teaching Affiliate

Edward K. Brown Jr. DDS,DMSc Attending Dentist Cambridge Health
Edward K. Brown Jr. DDS,DMSc

Brown prosthodontics

Levine Family Dentistry

Our office highly recommends Constantin Petric Dental Studio. Communication is easy and efficient. The flow with sending and receiving cases is excellent. And the final result of our cases is higher than expected. You will be happy working with them.

Levine Family Dentistry
Dr. Fernanda Levine DDS, FAGD

Levine Family Dentistry


Constantin Petric Dental Studio Lab is our most trusted dental lab for all of our dental work. They are extremely reliable and deliver exceptional products. They are always available for questions and input, and also send our cases in a timely manner. With complete competence in digital dentistry and knowledge of computer-guided dental implant surgery, they have become our number one partner in the digital flow of our treatment plans. Thank you Constantin!”

Dr Armin Abron DDS