Uses Augmented Reality to help visualize a smile makeover.
Can only be used on iPhone 6 or later, or an iPad with iOS 10 or later software.
• Using bright light from the front (light behind the Patient has a negative effect) and the rear camera (higher resolution), take a scan of the patient’s face while smiling (showing their maxillary teeth).
Only works on the Maxillae.
Will not work well on a Patient with Fixed Braces.
Can be used on edentulous (click on menu tab in upper left corner and turn on “Edentulous”)
• Design the Patient’s new smile.
Able to adjust midline, campers plane tooth width, height, shape, color, and brightness.
Can also adjust the gingival color as well.
The “Apple Pencil” may be best for fine detail adjustment of individual teeth.
• After designing the Provider/Assistant/Technician can hand the iPad to the Patient (switch to Front Camera) to see the virtual results.
Works like a mirror, except the new smile will appear in the patient’s mouth.
There is a “Before/After” slider to compare results.
• Results can be saved/shared, still images only. (Unless the recipient has IvoSmile installed and subscribed on their device).

Bellus 3D

Bellus3D Dental Pro provides a powerful and easy to use 3D face scanning solution enabling dentists incorporate 3D facial scans into the dental planning process. Clinicians and dental labs use the 3D face as an integral part of diagnostic, surgical and restorative smile design planning to accelerate high-value case acceptance and clinician approval.